Pastis 1794

A Pastis composed to cause a French revolution on the taste palate.

Blend of herbs and anise • Soft and Silky • Slowly, individually infused • Savour of the Provence

46% alcohol - 500ml

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54.00 €

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    Product of Antwerp  

    ANTWERP, 1794

    The French Revolution has fully arrived in Antwerp to dismantle the conservative regime and bring the city into modern times. The position and power of the church was restricted, while the French preached their 'liberty and equality' for everyone. The Scheldt was opened again after years of blockage and economic decay.

    The French Revolution is known to have both opponents as supporters, but it is certain it shook up the society of Antwerp. Therefore, a Pastis that will revolutionise your aperitif. 

    Savour the heritage

    DIstilled to perfection

    This aperitif contains the savour of the Provence and consists of a blend of herbs with anise, each slowly and individually infused. This results in a soft flavour and silky texture.

    To best enjoy the Pastis 1794, dilute with cooled water and ice to your preference.

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