Amaretto 1905

A refined Amaretto to honour the elegant complexity of the Central Station.

100% almonds • Gentle balance • Pure and refined • Artisanal process

29% alcohol - 500 ml

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55.50 €

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    Product of Antwerp  

    Antwerp, 1905

    The grand opening of the Central Station that took over 10 years to build. A combination of stone and steel was turned into a breathtaking masterpiece, rightfully nicknamed ‘The Railway Cathedral’. With its spectacular dome, stairwell, steel and glass construction and abundant details, it is the mother of Antwerp’s monuments and is still considered to be one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

    It remains the beating heart of the city and the embodiment of homecoming, that will leave every visitor astonished by its magnificence. A salute to its finesse!

    Savour the heritage

    Distilled to perfection

    This liqueur was authentically produced according to an artisanal process with 100% almonds. This results in a gentle balance between pure and detailed flavour notes, where the almonds can truly be savoured. Enjoy neat or on the rocks according to your preference.

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    Amaretto 1905


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