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Monumental Presentation

Monumental Presentation

Trio MM Antverpia

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Our monumental bottles are designed to be admired. This exquisite display case is shaped around three bottles of MM Antverpia.

Included: MM display case, 1 bottle of Gin 1501, 1 bottle of Amaretto 1905, 1 bottle of Pastis 1794

Gin 1501
Grapefruit and herbs • Seductive aroma • Full and smooth • Carefully distilled
38% alcohol - 500ml

Amaretto 1905
100% almonds • Gentle balance • Pure and refined • Artisanal process
29% alcohol - 500ml

Pastis 1794
Blend of herbs and anise • Soft and silky • Slowly, individually infused • Taste of Provence
46% alcohol - 500ml



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Pure craftmanship

The artisanal distillates of MM Antverpia are carefully crafted using grain alcohol as their base. All our beverages are pure and free from the addition of aromatics. We diligently seek out the finest ingredients to achieve the highest quality.

Quality in every detail

We not only aim for the highest quality in the bottle but also strive to create a seamless unity for the bottle, labels, overall finish, and packaging that aligns perfectly with the premium image that MM Antverpia represents.

Een glas wordt ingeschonken met Pastis van MM Antverpia


Experience the grand taste of Antwerp. MM Antverpia is served and available for purchase at various restaurants, hotels, shops, and premium boutiques.

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