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Pastis 1794

Pastis 1794

46% - 500ml

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A Pastis composed to cause a French Revolution on the taste palate.

Blend of herbs and anise • Soft and Silky • Slowly, individually infused • Savor of the Provence

46% alcohol - 500ml


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Bovenaanzicht verpakking van een fles uit de drankcollectie MM Antverpia

Antwerp, 1794

The French Revolution reached Antwerp, dismantling the conservative regime and bringing the city into the modern era. The influence and power of the church were restricted, while the French preached their ideals of 'liberty, equality, and fraternity' for everyone.

The French Revolution had both opponents and proponents, but it is certain that it shook the Antwerp society. Therefore a Pastis that revolutionizes your aperitif.

Toby Alderweireld met een glas pastis

Distilled to perfection

This aperitif encapsulates the flavors of Provence. Comprising a blend of herbs with anise, each one slowly and individually infused. This results in a gentle flavor and silky texture.

To fully savor our Pastis 1794, dilute it with cooled water and ice according to your preference.

Een glas wordt ingeschonken met Pastis van MM Antverpia


Experience the grand taste of Antwerp. MM Antverpia is served and available for purchase at various restaurants, hotels, shops, and premium boutiques.

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